Jump Rope Sizing

Our Freestyle Ropes comes normally in 3m size and you can adjust your size

Beaded Ropes are unique and we have 8 sizes


  • If you are beginner, add 90cm to your height

  • Advanced jumper, add 60-75cm to your height

  • Then watch the size chart, and aim for the closest size

  • If you don't know if you are beginner or advanced, we recommend adding 75cm.

  • If you are thinking between 2 sizes, we recommend to take longer one, because you can always shorter your beaded rope.

When you get comfortable with jumping, you can jump with shorter rope

  • Rope Sizes are without handles.

  • Your height 90 - 120cm - XXS - 6ft  (183cm)
  • Your height 110 - 135cm- XS - 6,6ft (198cm)
  • Your height 125 - 150cm - S - 7ft (213cm)
  • Your height 140 -165cm - M - 7,6ft (229cm)
  • Your height 155 -180cm - L - 8ft (244cm)
  • Your height 170 -195cm - XL - 8,6ft (259cm)
  • Your height 185 - 210cm- XXL - 9ft (274cm)
  • Your height 199- XXXL, 9,6FT (290cm)
  • Also we do long ropes for the groups, - 15ft (460cm)

    You can always shorten your rope but beaded rope cannot be adjust much more longer

Beginner  / Advanced jumper

Beaded Jump rope sizes