On a mission.

Our main mission is to inspire people to enjoy sports. Jumping rope is one of the toughest sports on earth and we want to make it visible. Our mission is also to inspire kids and young people to find activities to life they could stay healthier and enjoy from it more. We do also quality Jump Ropes, mostly crafting them by hands here in Finland.

We inspire, teach, tell benefits of jumping rope.

During our journey we have visited lots of schools to tell about the benefits of jumping. We teach people as well, organize workshops and make co-operation with athletes.
We also craft ropes, and sell them but that´s not our main duty. Making jump roping visible is.

ROPEE - Colourful 🇫🇮 Jump Rope Brand

Beaded rope is a trend

Ropee entrepreneur Olli during children’s fair 2024
Ropee entrepreneur Olli during children’s fair 2024

Jumping rope is very popular sport in the world. Many people has founded this great sport after Covid pandemic changed the world. People had to find ways to make exercises and many people founded jump roping very effective. One of the main reasons is also the beaded jump rope. We do have durable beads in different colours, even more than our webstore shows. 

Boxers and martial arts athletes has always jumped rope and they wonder why other athletes or other people won´t.
We are here to change the thinking.
You can if you decide to start.

Jumping rope is very effective way to burn calories. You can always jump for few minutes and your heart rate is at maximum instantly. We talk about increasing the activity during the day. It can mean different few minute sessions. And the best thing - it can be whole family workout.

Team Ropee

Our Team athletes and community is rising,
In a picture Chinese junior champion Fan Haogang, who is training for the Asian Champs held in July.
In a picture Fan jumps in Hong Kong, with our Freestyle Speed - unique gripped long handle 4mm freestyle rope.

Our Goal is to start athlete team with the athletes using Ropee jump rope as a training partner. 


We produce our unique hand crafted colourful jump ropes in Liperi, Finland.

Our beaded rope's polyester cords are manufactured by Finnish Piippo Oy and Finn-Nauha, and we cut them by ourselves in sizes. 
You can order ropes from webshop. visit us or see us in different events around Finland.


The Journey

Ropee was established early 2023. We started immediately to visit schools. We craft also long beaded ropes which are perfect for school yards. It is durable and colourful.

Older people can jump too. Many think jumping rope is way too complicated for knees and joints but in many occasions we find out people think they should jump very high. It goes opposite way - jumps should rise 1-2cm high,

Jumping rope can be teamwork. You can jump wheel with your partner with little longer rope or enjoy time together with you training partner. Even better to take children part of the exercise.

Kid to adult:

In Webstore: Ropes, packages and spare parts are categorised

Beaded jump ropes for kids and adults to increase fitness and making tricks. Best rope for beginners. We have over 50 bead colours - so we can also craft the rope in your dream colours.

Freestyle ropes for adults to increase fitness or making tricks. We recommend to jump with these indoors or on the mat.

Wire/Speed ropes for Athletes


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Great quality from ropee.fi 
Our Beaded Jump ropes are handmade.

The heart of the beaded rope is Finnish polyester cord, which is made by Piippo Oy or Finn-Nauha Oy.