ROPEE JUMP ROPES - Hand crafted from Finland


Jump ropes from beginners to professionals

Enjoy for Rope Skipping with beautiful beaded ropes:

Choose beaded jump rope size depending on your height
We make beaded rope in 7 sizes. (Childrens sizes included)


Beginner, increase to your height 90cm
Advanced jumper, increase to your height 60cm
If you don't know are you beginner or advanced, take 75cm

Sum it up and we prefer go up to next size- Professionals can jump with shorter ropes

Your height 93 - 123 cm

Your size is XXS, 6FT, about 183cm

XXS 183cm

Your height 108 - 138 cm

Your size is XS, 6,6FT, about 198cm

XS 198cm

Your height 123 - 153 cm

Your size is S, 7FT, about 213cm

S 213cm

Your height 139 - 159 cm

Your size is M, 7,6FT, about 229cm

M 229cm

Your height 154 - 184 cm

Your size is L, 8FT, about 244cm

L 244cm

Your height 169 - 199 cm

Your size is XL, 8,6FT about 259cm

XL 259cm

Your height 184 - 214 cm

Your size is XXL, 9FT about 274cm

XXL 274cm


Size 15FT, about 460cm

XXL 460cm


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Great quality from . Our Jump ropes are handmade.

The heart of the rope is the rope, which is made by Piippo Oy.