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Ropee Rainbow
Ropee Rainbow

Our main product is BEADED JUMP ROPE
Our Mission is to make colourful ropes with quality

We craft them by ourlselves in three categories:
Cords are Finnish quality polyester from Piippo Oy Outokumpu.

1) Light Ones (3mm cord, 7mm beads)
2) Regular Ones (4mm cord, 8,5mm beads)
3) Heavy Ones (5mm cord, 10mm beads)

- Regular is what we recommend for most people. Weight around 120g. excellent control
- Light is excellent with speed and fast techical jumping (for exampe CF events.) Our light beaded is around 95-100g
- Heavy beaded is for endurance training. Our heavy model weight is around 180g and comes with the long gripped handle.

We make also other ropes.
Our Freestyle Ropes are 3m size and adjustable
Our CF Rope Iron Speed also with Speed Lock (easy adjust)