Year 2024 - Where goes


Its year 2024. We know there might be some interested people who like to know what Ropee is and what is the ideology behind the colourful brand.

Like many other Jump rope brands founders, we found out few years ago (late 2022) the benefits of jumping and jump rope. We found out the increasing joy of jump rope and saw Lauren Jumps jumping with the Dope Ropes beaded. We ordered our first beaded rope. The rest is history.

Our mission was quite soon very clear. Tell Finnish people about it, tell people about the beaded jump rope. Inspire people to jump.
We negotiated of resales with South African company and also with Elevate Rope. They offered us resale program but we had already our own brand. Also, we found out there are so many colours in the world we want to bring visible.

So, we started to order local polyster cord, make beaded ropes in july 2023. First there was 4 models. 
Now, when 1,5 years has gone, we have thousands of models and also many other rope models we found excellent.
With beaded rope we invented light model and heavy model early 2023. 2 weeks ago we found out that EliteJumps has also heavy beaded model. So we know we are on the right path. Path for making good ropes as well as inspiring people.

Now, we have so many different cords (even colours) and over 50 bead colours in our basic beaded we don´t even know ourselves what to do with them. We would need more time to plan new colourways and surely we will so the target of our production is to be more colourful and yes - so coulourful as possible in the future.

We´re heading to year 2024 strong. We teach people, have lots of exhibitions coming so the future seems to be very bright.

Happy new year 2024 to all our followers. Stay empowered !

CEO Ropee